Smart Pot Coffee Timers, return to Home Page Smart Pot Coffee Timers ensures your coffee is always fresh - guaranteed!




Ensure your coffee is served right every time... guaranteed!

As a business owner, you take the time to select the best blend of beans, why not provide your staff with the tools to ensure your customer receives the freshest cup of coffee? Serving a good cup of coffee is all about timing!

• Coffee timers can ensure fresh coffee will
   always be served.
• Regardless of the quality of beans, no one    
   enjoys stale coffee.
• Simple formula for success in the coffee
   service industry: Fresh Coffee = Repeat
   Customers = Higher Profit

Everyone remembers where they had a bad cup of coffee. The Smart-Pot timer ensures each cup is served at its optimal freshness.

• Robust, low cost, and easy to operate.
• Smart-Pot is an easy-to-use tool designed to
   eliminate the guesswork when it comes to
   the freshness of your product.
• Smart-Pot coffee timers will instantly let you
   know the status of your coffee with its
   intuitive bright LED indicators.
• Smart-Pot’s intelligent technology can alert
   you if you are about to pour a cup of expired

Quick Facts about Smart Pot Coffee Timers

Robust Design
Intuitive and Easy-to-Use
Low Cost
Ergonomic design
Smart-Flex is designed for
Multiple Decanter Adapters
Different dispensing vessels
Integrated Flavor card/Timer Holders
Battery saving mode
Standard or Customized Holding times
Replaceable Battery = Low operating cost
Easy to clean surface
Smart-Pour Alert
- Eliminates Expired pours


Providing a NEW standard in Coffee Timers with robust performance


In a busy service environment, ever wonder exactly how fresh that cup of coffee you’re serving your customer is? Smart Pot coffee timers are designed to take away the guesswork for you and your staff. Our intuitive, easy-to-use timers will always tell you exactly how fresh your coffee is. There is no need to calculate times or use messy grease pencils. With just a glance at the timer’s status lights, you can quickly and easily see if the coffee is fresh and suitable to serve your customer.
With advanced features such as the Pre-Expiry Warning Lights, and Expired Pour Alert, the Smart-Pot timer can assist your staff in managing your pot flow and remove the possibility of serving expired coffee.
Now, thanks to Smart Pot coffee timers, the next time a customer asks you “How fresh is your coffee?”, you’ll be able to answer with confidence.... “It’s freshly brewed!”


Rugged and reliable, the Smart Pot coffee timer is built from durable materials and adheres to strict manufacturing guidelines.  Our timers are designed to withstand daily use in the service industry environment, and are manufactured in North America. Smart Pot coffee timers are simple to operate and value priced, making it an easy and smart choice for timing your coffee.




Manufactured in North America using quality, durable materials suitable for the coffee industry Maintaining strick RoHS compliance.